Neal Gompa? Indeed, but that is only the beginning.

Neal Gompa

I am passionate about technology and life. I strongly believe that we can improve aspects of our lives by developing better and more affordable technology.

My technological focus is mainly on computers and free and open source software because I strongly believe that free and open source software (FOSS) enables a wide variety of things across virtually every field. FOSS is also an equalizer and provides everyone the opportunity to learn and innovate.

I have strong opinions, but I am always willing to listen to others and revise my judgments based on evidence. I am not afraid to be wrong, but I will do my best to not be wrong. If I am, I will make every attempt to correct any effects from a bad decision.

I treat my life like an adventure. I will do my best to overcome any challenge in my way, and I don't rest until I can successfully show the fruits of my labor.

Software Engineering

As a software engineer, I am capable of developing software for these systems. My focus in software engineering is on infrastructure software, though I have done application development and embedded system software development before.
I've also helped design protocols and develop specifications as part of product development. I prefer working with teams, but I can work on my own, if need be.

For most of my career, I have practiced the art of DevOps by developing and maintaining infrastructure in service of supporting software teams to be successful.
I have also taken this approach when it comes to open source. Much of the work I do is to enable and support others to do what they need to achieve success.

Open Source

Everything I do is out in the open, and I intend to do everything in a way that not only as many folks can benefit from my work as I can reasonably do, but that I document and demonstrate how I do things along the way.

Specifically, these days, I focus a lot on the Linux desktop and adjacent spaces. I'm actively involved in Fedora; openSUSE; and CentOS, both as a contributing developer and in leadership positions to help with guiding the projects to success.

I'm also involved in other Linux distributions (such as Mageia and OpenMandriva and have previously contributed to ROSA, Yocto, Debian, and Ubuntu over the years.

Here's a selection of my leadership efforts today:

  • Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo) member since May 2020
  • Fedora KDE SIG Co-chair since June 2020
  • openSUSE Project Board member since January 2021
  • CentOS Hyperscale SIG Co-chair since July 2022

My most recent effort was founding the Fedora Asahi SIG to produce the Fedora Asahi Remix in partnership with the Asahi Linux project.


You can get a glimpse at most of the work I do by checking out my profiles on various forges:

Velocity Limitless

My professional arm for freelance/contract open source work is Velocity Limitless. Interested? Inquire!


As a writer, I can write informational pieces, letters, memos, and specifications. I've done all of them, and I write to the best of my ability. I've written about technology on Binary Outcast and ExtremeTech.com for years, and I did so because I love to write and inform.

Royal Geek World

This has been my personal site brand since 2007. It's been in various states over the years, but now it exists primarily as an avenue for me to centrally inform interested folks about what I'm doing these days.

Mobile Central

As mentioned above, I've been affiliated with Binary Outcast for quite some time! Indeed, my start in technology journalism began here on a subdomain and site called Mobile Central, which was subsequently acquired and integrated into Binary Outcast to become BinOC Mobile Central, which shortly evolved into Tech Central.

Today, the distinct effect of Mobile Central can still be felt at Binary Outcast even if the section isn't currently active. Still led by Matt A. Tobin, he plans to launch something called BinOC/Central as a successor to the main BinOC site in the near future which should include much more of the Mobile Central legacy, if not the original content, so stay tuned!

The Future

Is always bright!